Support for Concatenated Messages

As of Beta 1 Release, support for concatenated messages is not included. Out going messages which are more than 160 characters in length will cause an exception to be thrown. Incoming message with more than 160 characters will be split into 160-characters segments.

To know if a message is part of a concatenated message, use the ShortMessage.MessageCount property as follows:

if(msg.MessageCount > 1) { /*This is part of a concatenated message*/ }

You can write your own code to concatenate segments of a concatenated message using the ShortMessage.SegmentID and ShortMessage.SequenceNumber properties.

All segments of a given concatenated message will have the same SegmentID value while the SequenceNumber indicates the index of a segment in a concatenated message and ranges from 1 to MessageCount property value.

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