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How to get delivery status after few hours (or days)

Nov 24, 2013 at 1:31 PM
please can you halp me with this problem:
1, Yesterday I sent SMS with this code:
            SmppClient client = new SmppClient();
            SmppConnectionProperties properties = client.Properties;
            properties.SystemID = txbSystemID.Text;
            properties.Password = txbPassword.Text;
            properties.DefaultEncoding = DataCoding.ASCII;
            properties.Port = Convert.ToInt32(txbPort.Text);
            properties.Host = txbServer.Text;
            properties.SystemType = "NET";
            properties.DefaultServiceType = "NET";
            //properties.AddressNpi = NumberingPlanIndicator.Unknown;
            //properties.AddressTon = TypeOfNumber.Aphanumeric;

            client.AutoReconnectDelay = 3000;
            client.KeepAliveInterval = 15000;

            client.ConnectionStateChanged += client_ConnectionStateChanged;
            client.StateChanged += client_StateChanged;
            client.MessageDelivered += client_MessageDelivered;
            client.MessageReceived += client_MessageReceived;
            client.MessageSent += client_MessageSent;

            //Start smpp client
            TextMessage msg = new TextMessage();
            msg.DestinationAddress = txbDestAdress.Text;
            msg.DestinationNPI = NumberingPlanIndicator.ISDN;
            msg.DestinationTON = TypeOfNumber.International;

            msg.SourceAddress = txbSourceAdress.Text;
            msg.SourceNPI = NumberingPlanIndicator.Unknown;
            msg.SourceTON = TypeOfNumber.Aphanumeric;

            msg.Text = txbMessage.Text;
            msg.RegisterDeliveryNotification = true;

.. and I got MessageID "000002f", inserted to My DataStorage.
Because the Destination Mobile was turn off, I don't have delivery message.

2, client.Shutdown(); OR crashed....

3, today I need check delivery message again with MessageID = "000002f"
How can I do it ?

Thank you very much.
Dec 10, 2013 at 4:53 PM
I dont know which sms provider you're using, but some of them do retries when failing to delivery message receipts.

Are you sure the sms gateway is not delivering message receipts after client is disconnected?