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send SMS Problems

Dec 12, 2011 at 9:57 AM


I am also trying to use the Jamaa SMPP client and it does not seem to be working

Firsly I tried using the examples provided, but I got an "object not send to instance of property" this was because the Start() method does not connect the server and open the session, the only method that seems to is the ForceConnect Method which needs to be called after Start()


Now when I send a message, the message get's delivered but I get a SMS Exception (SME_RSUBMITFAIL)

Enclosed is my code


            smppJamServer = new SmppClient();
            smppJamServer.Properties.Host = properties["Server"];
            smppJamServer.Properties.SystemType = properties["Type"];
            smppJamServer.ConnectionTimeout = Convert.ToInt32(properties["Timeout"]);
            smppJamServer.Properties.Port = Convert.ToInt32(properties["Port"]);
            smppJamServer.Properties.SystemID = properties["User"];
            smppJamServer.Properties.Password = properties["Password"];
            smppJamServer.MessageDelivered += new EventHandler<MessageEventArgs>(smppJamServer_MessageDelivered);
            smppJamServer.MessageSent += new EventHandler<MessageEventArgs>(smppJamServer_MessageSent);
            smppJamServer.MessageReceived += new EventHandler<MessageEventArgs>(smppJamServer_MessageReceived);

            TextMessage msg = new TextMessage();
            msg.DestinationAddress = number;
            msg.RegisterDeliveryNotification = true;
            msg.Text = message;
                smppJamServer.SendMessage(msg, 100000);
                return msg.SourceAddress + "-" + msg.SequenceNumber + "-" + msg.SegmentID;
            catch (Exception exc)
                throw new Exception("Unable to Send SMS " + exc.Message);

            catch (Exception exc)
                throw new Exception("Unable to Start SMPP Server", exc);

Dec 21, 2011 at 3:51 PM

Sorry, I thought I had already replied to your question.

Since the error is returned from the SMSC software, it would be much easier to call your gateway provider who will help you pin point the problem much more easily.

Some gateway software are implemented slightly different and may require certain kind of information specified during connection.

Please check with your gateway provider as what could be causing the binding failure and let me know what you come up with.