Meaning of Properties.

Oct 6, 2011 at 2:39 PM

hi everyone.

Does anyone know the meaning of the following properties?

properties.DefaultServiceType =""


properties.AddressNpi = JamaaTech.Smpp.Net.Lib.NumberingPlanIndicator .Unknown;

properties.AddressTon = JamaaTech.Smpp.Net.Lib.TypeOfNumber


properties.DefaultEncoding = JamaaTech.Smpp.Net.Lib.DataCoding


properties.SystemID ="??"


thanks in advance.

Oct 7, 2011 at 5:36 AM


Address "Type of Number" and "Numbering Plan Indicator" parameters are used to instruct the SMSC how to interpret  the numbers that are being used to address remote entities.

SMPP allows sending/receiving short messages to/from GSM devices, IP based devices etc which all use different addressing schemes.

As such, you should indicate the type of addressing scheme your application is using for correct routing of messages.

You should consult your gateway service provider for correct supported values.


Since the SMPP is a binary protocol, all PDU parameters need be "encoded" in a binary format before the PDU can be transmitted. For text/string parameters, SMSC provides

more than one encoding option. The DefaultEncoding designates the default encoding used for outgoing messages. Please not that, this value has nothing to do, and does not control

the type of encoding the server uses for incoming messages. You should consult your gateway provider with regard to supported encoding schemes.


The SystemID is the id of the SMSC and it is set after successfully connecting to the SMSC. This property is readonly.


Lastly, I would recommend that you go through the SMSC protocol specifications as all these properties (except DefaultEncoding) are well described.

Hope this helps,